Book Review~ Roulette Romance: Let's Play

Title: Roulette Romance: Let's Play 
Author: Anna Lunde
Genre: Women's Fiction, Coming of age
Length: 82 Pages
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We are the romance before the dreary Happily Ever Afters. 

After dropping out of med school, losing her job at the Cloudland ballroom, and her best friend’s girlfriend moving in, Mat Taylor takes up Mr Matthews' job offer and joins him at a prestigious dance studio for the rich and affluent of the city. Becoming “Miss Taylor”, she learns the tricks of the trade–the illusions of love–and discovers that, no matter how magical, dance comes at a price. 

*Roulette Romance is a novella serial designed to be read in order. Let's Play is Part Two of the series. Part One is Beginner’s Luck

About the Series 

When all the romances of your life happen at once... 

Trained to fall in love with everyone she dances with, Mat Taylor works in a world of fantasy where the nights are always young and the foolish always play. 

Roulette Romance is about an unconventional girl hiding from love in all the wrong places. Provocative and playful, this epic ensemble story, presented as a novella series, unravels a labyrinth of secret romances as the lives of studio dancers entwine. Set during the unapologetic 80’s, when political incorrectness was at its peak and transparency described see-through clothing, the retro Australiana backdrop portrays the colourful language, character, culture and landscape of the land Down Under.
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I was actually a little disappointed in part two. I felt like Mat got lost in this one. Sure, everyone's talking about her, but we aren't really seeing her. I felt like the familiarity I had with her, the bond I was starting to form with her character was completely stripped away in this book. I'm not sure who she is or what she's about anymore. It's like I'm reading about an entirely different person in this one than in the first. I liked Mat, I admired her ferocity and independence. I felt like she knew who she was...but I feel like that all got lost in this second part. 

Hopefully in the third part things will start to make more sense and come together better. I still really like Anna's writing and the general story line, I just wasn't overly impressed with this installment. I felt like there were too many points of view and not enough explanations.

She goes from an absolute tomboy to a girly-girl with very little discussion on her part. I want to know how she feels and thinks here. I want to know that she's dying to dance. I want to see her try to find a boyfriend to prove herself. I want to see her discussions with Mr. Matthews from her eyes. 

I'm really hoping the next one redeems itself. Again, I like the books and the writing style, but I'm definitely left wanting here.   

*I was given a free e-copy in exchange for an honest review