Book Review~ Roulette Romance: Shake the Dice

Title: Roulette Romance: Shake the Dice
Author: Anna Lunde
Genre: Women's Fiction, Coming of Age
Length: 100 Pages
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New shoes for a new groove. 

Having earned her red shoes at the Studio, Mat Taylor claims her place among the other dance teachers. Getting up to mischief with the delectable Mr Derby has never been so easy, until she becomes entangled in the strings of a secret love affair. But always one to take advantage of an opportunity, Mat makes an awkward encounter worth her while. 

*Roulette Romance is a novella serial designed to be read in order. The first three parts are: 
Part One: Beginner's Luck 
Part Two: Let's Play 
Part Three: Shake The Dice 

About the Series 

When all the romances of your life happen at once... 

Trained to fall in love with everyone she dances with, Mat Taylor works in a world of fantasy where the nights are always young and the foolish always play. 

Roulette Romance is about an unconventional girl hiding from love in all the wrong places. Provocative and playful, this epic ensemble story, presented as a novella series, unravels a labyrinth of secret romances as the lives of studio dancers entwine. Set during the unapologetic 80’s, when political incorrectness was at its peak and transparency described see-through clothing, the retro Australiana backdrop portrays the colourful language, character, culture and landscape of the land Down Under.

I was really hoping that this one would tie everything together and kind of redeem the series for me. In some ways it did, and in others I found it still lacking. I got to know all of the characters better, yes. There were some new developments, and the consistently good writing, all big fat yeses. However, there's still a lot we don't know that's been alluded to. I had hoped after three books we would know a little more, unfortunately that isn't the case. 

I did like that at the end of this book we seem to see Mat coming back to herself and who she wants to be. I do still think though, that the POV switches too frequently never allowing us to really connect to any one character for any real length of time. That being said, I still like this series. I can't help it, I want to know what's happening.

*I was given a free e-copy in exchange for an honest review