Book Review~ Dangerous Vows

Title: Dangerous Vows
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Thriller
Author: Ava Parker
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When her cover is blown and her partner nearly killed, Miami vice squad officer Lucy Walker quits the force, packs her bags and drives to her childhood home in Graceful Bay, South Carolina. Seeking peace and quiet in the big beach house she inherited years earlier, Lucy is greeted by her best friend, Caroline Lamont, who is having some troubles of her own. After the savagely beaten body of a young man is discovered not far from Lucy’s home, Caroline finally starts sharing her suspicions about her husband, Daniel. As Caroline continues to uncover her husband’s duplicity, Lucy begins to wonder whether she has escaped the Miami drug cartels after all. With the help of the county sheriff and Gabriel Black, the handsome new man in town, Lucy must save her best friend from a group of professional gangsters and a vengeful husband. 

This is a gripping, thrilling suspenseful romance. One of the things I really enjoyed is that the romance is off-center a bit. Instead of that really being the plot line it's the heroine's best friend's like that is really the focus with the romance developing as a secondary focus. It's hard to explain, but Ava managed to do it quite well.

I found that I was completely enthralled with this book from page one. I couldn't wait to see how things were going to develop. My only real disappointment was in the fact that the villain's plans were revealed to the reader from their viewpoint long before the other characters should've suspected them. This took the drama and excitement out of it for the reader. I would've preferred to have been kept in the dark and learned of the plans and motives with the main characters. Along that same line, you have to be very careful when writing from different viewpoints. I think Ava really skated the line with how many different perspectives she used. She used two of them infrequently enough that it worked, but I prefer to have two...maybe three viewpoints to switch between. It can be overwhelming to have more.

Overall though, I really enjoyed Dangerous Vows. It was gripping, exciting, and fast paced. I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys this style of book normally.   

Sex? Yes. 
Language? Yes.
Drugs and alcohol? Yes.
Religion? No

Ava Parker is a writer, traveler, cook and cat lover. Inspired by the sense of romance and intrigue she found on a visit to the South Carolina shore, she set her first novel in an imaginary town on the mid-Atlantic coast. A devotee of murder mysteries, love stories, scary movies and popcorn for dinner, Ava has found her calling and is already penning the next installment of her heroine’s adventures in love and mystery.

*I received a free e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.
**Thank you to The Indie View for connecting me to this author.