Giveaway~ Santa Sack

The lovely Miss Jessie over at Katiebug Crafts sent us a  Custom Santa Sack to review! I am so excited for this on so many levels. First, convenience. We're going to my mom's on Christmas Eve and staying over night, we don't wrap "Santa presents" here. No real reason, that's just what my mom did, so that's what we do! I was fretting about how I was going to haul an unwrapped American Girl sized horse and several stocking stuffers in the same vehicle as a typically nosy eight year old. Thanks to Jessie, I don't have to anymore!  This sack is a generous size and well made. It's perfect for moving those unwrapped gifts, and also for seeing the light in a little one's eyes on Christmas morning!

The next reason I'm excited is that foster children don't often have a lot of ownership over their lives. This little sack that was made just for her, gives her a little bit of that. She will now have something that's hers and only hers. It was made with her in mind, not a leftover from someone else. It's something that will be used over and over just for her and no one else. And that's pretty darn special.

Unfortunately, I can't show you her name, so further down the page I've added some sample photos from the Katiebug Crafts Facebook Page. This is our Santa Sack. It's gorgeous. Thick and durable, clear, easy to read, and the names are in glitter! That just adds a little extra magic. I love it so much, and am sure the kids will too. 

She has a few really awesome personalized items in her shop that you should check out. I love this item, it will be a great keepsake for years to come. And I think it's durable enough to last that too. It gets five big hearts from me!

Before you go, make sure to get your entries in for your very own Santa Sack! If you have several little ones, using your last name may be an option too! Good luck!