Book Review~ Eerie

Title: Eerie
Author: C.M. McCoy
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 411 Pages

Hailey’s dreams have always been, well...vivid. As in monsters from her nightmares follow her into her waking life vivid.

When her big sister goes missing, eighteen-year-old Hailey finds the only thing keeping her safe from a murderous 3,000-year-old beast is an equally terrifying creature who has fallen “madly” in love with her. Competing to win her affection, the Dream Creature, Asher, lures her to the one place that offers safety—a ParaScience university in Alaska he calls home. There, she studies the science of the supernatural and must learn to live with a roommate from Hell, survive her ParaScience classes, and hope the only creature who can save her from an evil immortal doesn’t decide to kill her himself.
My first encounter with Eerie was several months ago when I was asked to beta read it.  I immediately fell in love with Hailey, her kindness, her intelligence, and even her naivete. I was angry when the book ended as I wanted more and was left hanging! I remember sending a very entertaining email demanding the rest of the series and expressing my irritation! I still don't have the second one, so see where that got me, haha!

Reading the final draft the second time around was no different. Eerie was one of those books that stuck with me long after I finished it. As I said, I read it for the first time months ago and it stuck with me, I still had Hailey, Asher, Fin, and Giselle in my mind, desperate to know what happened next.

Eerie takes you away to a paranormal school in Alaska where things are a lot different, and certainly never boring! I love the incredible mesh of characters and the well-developed story she's weaved. I love so, so much about this book. It's a page turner to be sure. It's funny, engaging, mysterious, and heart-wrenching. The romance in this one will make your head spin though, even the second time around I was like "what?!?!" where all matters of the heart are concerned!

Literally, I have only one complaint. Well two, but one is that I have to wait to read the next one. My serious complaint is Hailey's weakness and the abuse she suffers and justifies to herself. I've seen this in so many YA paranormal romances, so it's nothing new. But, if you hang around here often, then you know that no matter how common it is, it's one of my biggest pet peeves. 

Being controlled and manipulated is not sexy, and it's certainly not love. I didn't like it when Edward did it to Bella, and I don't like it in Eerie either. There is a little more redemption here in the way it's written and pans out, but both times I read it I wanted to scream at Hailey to stop being such a dumb-dumb. 

All in all, this is a great read and I wholeheartedly recommend it. Just be prepared for the romance part to make your head spin!  

*In exchange for an honest review I was sent a free ebook.