Book Review~ Murder in the Vestibule

Title: Murder in the Vestibule
Author: David Craig
Genre: Christian Mystery
Length: 306 Pages
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Alison Kincaid was not the most beloved person in Danburg. Her two ex-boyfriends had both been heard saying that they would like to kill her. Her ex-roommate concurred. Her step mother only hoped she was dead. Her jilted employer very much wanted her that way. But did any of her past associates really mean to take action? Alison was truly friendless, alone, destitute and pregnant. She had nowhere to go and when she got there she ran away. Could she find a friend in time, or was her end the one desired by all who knew her well?
I liked the overall story here a lot. I thought it was a great concept and the plot itself drags you in and holds your attention. However, the dialogue drove me nuts! There's a character that's portrayed as street hardened and tough. Yet, she refers to someone as an "A-1 jerk." No. No she wouldn't. That's just one example, but the entire book was like that to the point that it was distracting. The dialogue was awkward and stiff. 

Alison's especially bothered me. In parts she's portrayed as this naive girl whose development and language skills are far below what they should be for her age, but other times she uses words much larger than the ones she doesn't understand. Unfortunately that detracted a lot from an otherwise great story. 

My other big issue here was the long winded descriptions of everything. I'm one of those people that prefers to be given only the necessary information and to fill in the rest. I tend to skim long, pointless location descriptions. There were several in this one unfortunately. 

However, I did really enjoy the plot and overall development of the story. If you like Christian mysteries, this one may be for you!  

*In exchange for an honest review I was sent a free ebook.