Taking Back My Blog

Confession time: Not only did I take a break to focus on my family, but also to get my head straight about this blog and what I want out of it. Over the last year or so I feel like I completely lost control of it. Out of the blue I found myself sharing and promoting things I don't support or agree with just to keep the peace.

I'm not okay with that. I have lines and limits, and I need to keep them. I made rules and posted expectations, but they were trampled all over constantly. That's not your fault. It's mine. I allowed it to happen and I'm sorry. I let my insecurities and desire to make everyone happy all the time and help everyone promote themselves take over to the point that I completely lost sight of myself and what I want out of my blog.

I was really close to quitting, to be entirely honest. But, I love reading and reviewing and interacting with authors and readers too much to allow that to happen. Instead, I decided to take back my blog and make some much needed changes.

So, new year, new things happening here in My Own Little Corner.

1. There will be very little blind promoting. I will make exceptions for authors I'm familiar with. I will still have opportunities to share your links and teasers on the Facebook page, but I will no longer blindly share things I haven't read from authors I'm completely unfamiliar with. Why? I read some of the books that I did this with. Some of them were amazing and I had no regrets. Others left me angry at myself for telling others to read them. If I had read them first, I never would have suggested them. I have the utmost respect for people that can blindly share without qualms. I'm simply not one of those people. I thought I could be, but I can't. I'm sorry.

2. I'm going to be more me. I felt very fake for a while, trying to placate everyone. It's exhausting. I'm not doing it anymore. I am me. I will do the best I can, but that's it.

3. I'm going to be focusing more on books I want to read, and less on books that I feel pressured into reading. Honestly, I'm still a little burnt out. I'll still take requests, because I love helping authors and readers. But, I'm going to be a lot more discerning on which books I take on.

4. Because I, personally am going to be battening down the hatches quite a bit more, I'm going to open up the blog to anonymous guest reviews. I will be monitoring them closely, so don't get any cute ideas about coming up with false reviews to help or hurt anyone. If I so much as suspect that's happening, it won't be posted. I'm doing this because I can't like all the books. I can't read them all either. But that doesn't mean that someone won't read or like them. I also think it would be a great way for authors to get a little more exposure, and for readers to have books they may not have seen before brought to their attention. So, if you're a reader and want to have your review seen on more than Amazon and Goodreads, please submit it here. I am only human, I have a family (who are always first) and inputting all of that info will take some time, so don't expect instantaneous results! But, I think this will be a great avenue to bring more readers and authors together, as long as everyone is honest and uses it appropriately.

5. I will be sharing all the reviews on Facebook. In the past it's been my policy to only post high ratings on Facebook. I did this to avoid hurting feelings, but after some serious thought, I decided that it was a better policy to be completely honest and upfront. It's unfair of me to have my readers dig through mountains of reviews to find the lower star ratings (though, also new-at the top of the page the reviews are categorized by ranking, genre, and who wrote them!) I think this is a benefit to the readers more than anything

6. There will be more opportunities to promote yourself on the Facebook page. Instead of just Teaser Tuesday and Free For All Friday, I've been working diligently to bring more options and more genre-specific ways for you to share your books and for us all to interact together! I'll be mixing it up with new graphics and fun questions to answer. Though, it's going to be more than just posting a link! It'll be fun, and I'm looking forward to it!

I think that about covers it! I hope to be more active and consistent. I have new reviews scheduled for the next few weeks, so *hopefully* I can keep on top of it! Thank you for sticking with me over this break, and I hope you enjoy the changes I've made!