Blog Review~ Blondie McGhee: At Your Service

Title: Blondie McGhee: At Your Service 
Author: Ashley Eneriz
Genre: Children's Book (6-11)
Length: 90 Pages
Purchase: Amazon

Got a crime? 
Need a professional detective? 
You’ve come to the right girl. 
Blondie’s the name and solving cases at Graham Elementary is my game. 

I promised I would never, ever solve a case for that meanie, Owen Thomas, but when he is accused of starting the crazy food fight and is about to be expelled, I am his only hope. 

Can I wipe his name clean of mashed potatoes before the principal expels Owen for good?
For this review I enlisted the help of our resident children's book expert, my eight year old, to give you her expert kid-opinion about this book. Without further ado, her review! (edited only for readability) 

The book was very exciting because I love solving mysteries and love to find out hidden cases and mysteries. It was very interesting because Blondie was trying to solve the case of a silly food fight! Even though Owen was mean to her, she still helped him.

One thing I kind of didn't like was when Mike was pretending to be a monster and the most scary thing that I thought about it was the beginning was when Blondie went into the janitor's closet, because of the story Owen told her. I liked that Blondie was brave because some times you have to be brave to solve a case. I was still a little scared about what was going to happen though.

 I thought Blondie was a very patient person most of the time especially when Owen was rude to her but she still helped him. some of  the time when Blondie got a little temper, I some times would not like what she said, like when she asked for their names. She was kind of mean about it and I would never talk to someone like that or want to be friends with someone like that. She knows how it feels to have people be mean to her so I can't figure out why she would be mean to people.   

In the end I was kind of confused that Owen said that Blondie was cute because in the beginning he treated her with disrespect. You should never treat people like that, especially when you like them. It was very confusing to me. 

I think other people who can read should read this book.I give it 90 stars!  Mom says that means a four or four and a half. 

**Note from Mom: There's a little bit of "romance" if you can call it that. I thought it was entirely unneeded and actually detracted from the story for me as the mom. Even she was a little confused as to why it was in there. Otherwise, we really enjoyed reading it together and had a few good laughs throughout. We also talked about some of the interactions Blondie had with her mom and how they're similar to reactions I have and things I do. I also liked that it was written in a way that my daughter found easy to relate to. 

*We given a free PDF in exchange for our honest review.