Book Review~ 97

Title: 97
Author: VL Holt
Genre: Paranormal, New Adult
Length: 335 Pages
Purchase: Amazon

Kindle Your Flame of Adventure in 97, The Warloch’s Pact

Step into a Tale of a Modern Girl and Boy Mingled with Historical Romance

Newspaper Girl Jane Burrows is a hard-working likeable teen who is satisfied with her small town life far from urban cares. She lives with her mom and beagle on a quiet street in rural Oregon. She has a best friend, wheels, and a smartphone that keeps her in touch with current events. A senior in high school struggling to help her mom, Jane has other things on her mind besides romance.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Jane’s ordered world changes when a new boy moves in just a few doors down. William McLeod isn’t your typical senior. He has the build of an MMA fighter, the skills of a parkour expert, and can quote Jane Austen’s fiction no problem. He’s also pretty evasive when it comes to the simplest of questions. Where is he from? What does his dad do? Why does he keep following Jane around like a puppy dog in training?

William Has a Secret

There is that other thing too. The thing where he keeps dying in battle and resurrecting. William descends from an ancient Warrior race, created to be invincible in battle. It’s kind of a secret, until he’s faced with a life or death situation involving the cute girl he just met.

History Repeats Itself

Zarastrid is the leader of a powerful group of immortal Warlochs. In ancient times, he and his brothers had a wonderful idea. Create a race of Warriors to fight their battles for them. Zarastrid finds a Christian woman suitable for the task, but quickly discovers he can’t stay away from her. The Warriors created would be deadly, powerful and fearless. There was only one problem; it turned out that their loyalty couldn’t be guaranteed.

Zarastrid Wants Revenge

The Warlochs are hunting down every last descendant of the Warrior race. The Lochspawn monsters reign with blood and horror, wreaking devastation wherever they land. A rogue Lochspawn has tracked William to Jane’s small town, and William must make a choice. Preserve one of his last lives in order to save Jane’s frail existence? Or hoard his precious remaining lives and watch his future go up in flames?

Gah! I devoured this book. I could not put it down. It is so well written and just! I can't with the words right now!!! Seriously. I loved this so much. I love the back and forth between the history of the creation of the Warriors and Jane and William's present day life. I love Jane's parts the most. She's entertaining and caring and I love her so much. 

My only real complaint is the way the POV switches toward the end. It was a little confusing trying to keep up with where we were and who we were with. It was labeled in some spots, and those were a fine transition, but at some point they were no longer labeled and it took me a minute to figure out where we were and what was going on. 

Also, and this is teeny tiny, but I'm a foster (and hopefully soon adoptive) mamma. Jane refers to Mick as her "adopted cousin" NO!!! We're still family, even when we don't share DNA. My family never even refers to the kiddos we're fostering like that. They are "niece" "nephew" "grandchild" "cousin" "daughter" "son" and so on. No qualification needed. That grated at me a little from that perspective.

Those are literally my only complaints. Those and that it ended! But, I have 98 downloaded and am ready to jump into it now. Seriously. Such a great book!