Book Review~ 98

Title: 978
Author: VL Holt
Genre: Paranormal, New Adult
Length: 330 Pages
Purchase: Amazon

Fan the Flame of Adventure in 98, The Witch’s Prophecy, Book 2 in the Rise of the Battle Bred Trilogy

Leap into a Tale of Young Adult Romance Wrapped Around the Evolving History of a Christian Girl

In this clean YA paranormal romance, William and Jane learn the steps to their new friendship while forces around them are converging on Deer Fjord to create a battleground of historic proportions. William and his father are under suspicion of murder and Jane is recovering from a Lochspawn attack.

Woven throughout this urban adventure is Agnes’ life story, written in her own words. Agnes is one of the First Mothers, a child of the Middle Ages and a devoted Christian. Details about the creation of the Warrior race finally come to light in her heartrending history.

98 is Book 2 in the Rise of the Battle Bred trilogy. Watch for Book 3 in mid-2015. 

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Across the country, a hapless college student holds the key to release William and Jacob from a legal disaster…if he lives through the night.

William Has a Secret

William lost one of his precious lives in an unexpected attack. Now he must keep that fact away from his father, who vowed to never let him fight again, and especially from Jane, whose heart could be broken if she knew how close to death he really was.

History Repeats Itself

The formidable Warlochs are growing suspicious of their Lochspawn monsters and of each other, causing irreparable rifts to their Pact.

Parental Guide: Contains brief depictions of monster violence, two closed mouth kisses and a handful of biblical curse words in situations of extreme duress.

When I reviewed 97 I was positively gushing and could not wait to get into 98. Now? Now I am irritated and disappointed. The writing is good, the story is great. The execution is ridiculous. There is never a need for ten different points of view, ever. Honestly, that's my low-ball estimate here. I should not need a character map to read a book. I'm sorry, but it's the honest truth. Even if you are going to introduce five gazillion POVs (okay, that's a high estimate) you definitely should not be dragging in a new one at ninety-something percent in the book! I mean, yes we knew of the character...ish. I had to sit there and figure out who she was, whose side she was on, and how she fit in.

My husband's elated that I finally finished this one because so many times he caught me yelling at my Kindle, and tossing it aside when the story abruptly switched POV...again. He was as over this book as I am and he didn't even read it. The problem with the three page chapters and constant switching is that I couldn't connect to anyone. Even the characters I had already connected to in the first book. There was too much going on, too many switches, it was too hard to keep up.

Obviously I am sorely disappointed in this one. My expectations were high because of how much I loved the first one. I really think she just tried to do too much here all at once and it got too muddled to work. I'm giving it three stars because the writing, save for the constant POV changes, is amazing and the story in itself carries its weight well. It's a well-thought out, if poorly executed idea. 

Honestly, the story idea here is strong enough that even though I was irritated, made lewd hand gestures at my Kindle, yelled at an author who couldn't hear me, and had to walk away multiple times, I still want to read the last one! That's a huge compliment.