Book Review~ Beautiful Entourage

Title: Beautiful Entourage
Author: EL Todd
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 313 Pages
Purchase: Amazon

Standalone. No Cliffhanger. HEA. Remaining books in the series can be read in any order.

Being a professional escort comes with its vices. To keep women from getting too clingy, stop them from dropping their panties, and silence them before they can blurt the L word, Rhett has made certain rules. He never breaks them. 


1. No Kissing. 
2. No Feelings. 
3. And definitely, absolutely, no sex. 

But when Aspen, a beautiful brunette, hires him to help repair her image to her family, things get complicated. Rhett's never had a problem separating work from pleasure. But now work and pleasure seem to be one and the same.
This was really well written with well developed characters for the most part. I love the friendship and banter between Rhett and Aspen. It was definitely a page turner that kept me hooked until the end and completely engrossed in what was going to happen. 

There were a couple of places that I felt fell short. For one, there's this constant rivalry with this girl and it ramps up at the end, but there is no real closure with that. I'm curious if it extends to the other books or not. I can see how it could, but I was a little disappointed that there was so much build up with her and what she was going to do and no real resolution. 

I also would have liked to see Aspen's brother get resolved/addressed by her father more too. But, other than those few loose ends, I really enjoyed this book and absolutely recommend it. 

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