Book Review~ Raspberry Kisses

Title: Raspberry Kisses
Author: Cecelia Dowdy
Genre: Christian Romance
Length: 274 Pages
Purchase: Amazon

Facing eviction, Rhea Morrison, a young grieving widow, must save her failing bakery. An unexpected turn of events lands her at a singles retreat where she meets Martin Lane. 

Pastor Martin laments over his secret, traumatic past mistakes. He’s destined to lead his father’s church, despite blatant rejection. He can’t love Rhea - he’s yet to forgive himself for his past. If Rhea knew how he used to be, she would have no interest in pursuing a relationship with him. 

Rhea feels torn about her attraction to Martin – he’s a pastor, and after her husband’s death, she vowed to never get involved with another pastor. Both Martin and Rhea struggle with their faith in God. Can Martin and Rhea overcome their past so that they’re free to love again? 
I did not enjoy this one at all. I came really close to quitting several times. Rhea is very whiny and quick to temper, but is always made to look like it's warranted, even when it's not. All of the women around her are made to look temperamental and ill, when she herself is too. The women in the book are either  overweight or starve themselves. Pretty sure there wasn't an in-between. 

The writing style is very formal and choppy, over explanatory in parts, and trying way too hard in others. The writing got in the way of the story a lot. I felt that it was hard to see the story for the words. They were just clunky and too much for what could have been a decent story.

I wanted to dump Rhea. She was so indecisive and rude in so much of the story. I would have quit her if I were Martin. We never really saw how their relationship developed, they were barely friends and then madly in love. It was so confusing. 

The plot was good, but I think the overall execution was sorely lacking. I was disappointed.   

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