Book Review~ Squirrel Bait


Title: Squirrel Bait
Author: Chip Davis
Genre: Horror, Humor, Paranormal
Length: 89 Pages
Purchase: Amazon

Tonya has an unusual passion for books, even for a librarian. When her books are harmed she takes it personally. When people turn up dead over damaged books, there are questions to answer. When the killer is a weresquirrel, the questions become more confusing. 

There is a certain pretentiousness in classical literature. Elegant writing filled with meaning both astounding and sublime. This is not that. Not horrific enough to be horror, nor humorous enough to be comedy, welcome to Chip’s Dollar Dreadfuls. There may not be any fundamental truths, but there will be blood...so much blood.

Oh my. That's pretty much what I have to say here! Squirrel Bait is basically like a really bad horror movie, and intentionally so. You know the ones that are so ridiculous that you find yourself laughing even as you watch people on-screen get slaughtered? And then of course you begin to question your humanity. This is that, in book form. Though, in defense of the weresquirrels, if someone hurt my books I may be tempted to rip their throat out too, so there's that...

Even with all of the blood and craziness I still felt that the writing lagged in a few places and when that happened I found myself walking away quite a bit. So, that brings it down a little. But, I did enjoy it enough that I picked it back up and finished it, surprised to find that I enjoyed it as much as I did. 

This book was strangely a lot of fun and a good laugh. A nice little escape from more serious and developed characters. I will probably never look at a squirrel the same again though, but I would absolutely read more along this line even though it's completely opposite of my normal preference.

*I legit purchased this one. Mostly because the cool kids were reviewing it and I've always been a joiner.
**No affiliate links because Amazon is being a bully.