Book Review~ Unforgiving Plains


Title: Unforgiving Plains
Author: Christine Steendam
Genre: Clean Contemporary Romance
Length: 226 Pages
Purchase: Amazon

Rayna Fields is a successful realtor in Calgary, but when she receives a visit from a lawyer, her whole life is turned upside down. 

She hasn't seen or heard from her father in twenty years. Not since her mother packed her and their belongings in a truck and drove off Fieldstone Ranch. Now, she has to make her way to Foremost, Alberta, the "wild west" of Canada and deal with the dilapidated ranch that was left to her by her estranged father. 

Struggling with her feelings towards her father who has passed on, a ranch in financial distress, and other problems that crop up along the way, Rayna turns to the one person willing to help; Vince, the hired hand. But will his past destroy everything she's worked towards? And will she be able to forgive, and find beauty in Alberta's wild plains?

I really enjoyed Unforgiving Plains. I like that Rayna wasn't immediately putty in Vince's hands and things were worked up to and not just happening out of nowhere. For the most part it was a nice, steady flow that I enjoyed reading very much. There were a few parts that I felt lagged and drug out. But overall, I really enjoyed it.

I like that they were both on a path to forgiveness and enjoyed watching them journey that path. I can relate to Rayna with her father not being around and the feeling that brings about. I very much enjoyment her adjustment to country life and acceptance of Vince and the ranch.

If you like a clean cowboy romance, then this is one for you! I really enjoyed this one overall.  


*I was given a copy of this for free as a gift. Not in exchange for a review.
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