Book Review~ Breaking Free

Title: Breaking Free
Author: Jennifer Slattery
Genre: Christian Women's Fiction
Length: 320 Pages
Purchase: Amazon

Sometimes it takes losing everything to grab hold of what really matters.

Women’s ministry leader and Seattle housewife, Alice Goddard, and her successful graphic-designer husband appear to have it all together. Until their credit and debit cards are denied, launching Alice into an investigation that only leads to the discovery of secrets. Meanwhile, her husband is trapped in a downward spiral of lies, shame, and self-destruction. Can they break free from their deception and turn to the only One who can save them? And will it be in time to save their marriage?

I really enjoyed the last book I read of Jennifer's, Intertwined, so I was excited when she contacted me about reading Breaking Free. I'm pleased to say that it exceeded expectations. 

I cried whilst reading it, like a bucket full of tears, I'm pretty sure! Marriage problems give me hives. When I even hear about someone getting a divorce I tend to cry and get really sad at  the loss that they're suffering. It just breaks my heart. Needless to say, my heart was breaking all throughout Breaking Free. Jennifer has a way of you pulling you into the story and keeping you and your emotions on edge the entire time. I felt so wrung out emotionally when I finished from all the ups, downs, and all arounds in Breaking Free.

There were a few things I would have liked to have seen more developed, namely the snafu Alice finds herself in at work and their relationship with their sons. Other than that, I absolutely loved Breaking Free. If you're looking for an emotional roller coaster to take you on a ride, this is it!  

*I was given a copy of this for free in exchange for a review.
**No affiliate links, Amazon is being a bully.