Book Review~ Lily

Title: Lily (Suitors of Seattle Book 2)
Author: Kirsten Osbourne
Genre: Historical Romance
Length: 163 Pages
Purchase: Amazon

Lily, the second daughter of banker Fred Sullivan, is finally of age and ready to marry. She's been in love with Daniel Olafsen since the age of twelve, when she fell out of a tree...and onto him. Unfortunately for Lily, she believes Daniel is in love with her sweetly feminine older sister, Rose.

Lily's not ready to accept defeat, though, and she curbs her tomboyish ways in an effort to make Daniel fall in love with her. But will he ever be able to see Lily for who she truly is? Or will she have to change for the man she loves to win him?
I enjoyed Lily, but I wasn't over the moon about her. There was great potential for her to be an over the top entertaining character and a strong female lead. Unfortunately, she was whiny, insecure, and rather dense. No matter what Daniel does or says, she believes that she's always his second choice. It was endearing at first, but got annoying rather quickly. 

Don't get me wrong, there were certainly parts that I enjoyed and thought were incredibly sweet. I had high hopes for liking Lily's character, but she fell incredibly short. Overall, I was underwhelmed by this one.   

*In exchange for an honest review I was sent a free ebook.