Product Review~ Tea Box

I was sent this tea box to review, they sent it to me at a discount, my opinions are mine.

My name is Amanda and I am a tea addict. Seriously. I had tea in boxes, bags, recycled containers, on its own shelf, and stuffed into my spice cabinet. It was so awkward when someone would come over and I would offer to make them a cup of tea as I had to pull it out of everywhere just to show them their choices! That's why I was stoked to have the opportunity to review this.

I read some very poor reviews, so I was a tad skeptical, but pleasantly surprised when I got mine and it was without issue. It has a spacious eight compartments, wood construction, and a plexiglass top.I certainly feel a lot better pulling this out to offer someone tea than my copious boxes and containers. I do still have loose leaf tea coming out my ears, but at least the bags are better organized!

My one big drawback to this is that there isn't a latch of any sort. I'm super clumsy, so I know I will drop this and be picking up tea for ages! That would be my one big addition to this tea box. Otherwise, I really like it and may buy a couple more as gifts for my fellow tea addicts.