Review~ BoeChloe PaciClips

I received a set of pacifier clips from BoeChloe to review. I was given this set in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own!

I want to start with the packaging here, they come in a very sturdy box that would be ideal for reusing. It even has a magnetic closure on it, which is super nice. The instructions for use are printed directly on the box. 

In this set, which retails for $19.00, you get a pacifier holder (which can hold two pacis!) and a set of three coordinating clips. 

The clips themselves are very well made, brightly colored, stitched well, and sturdy. They're double sided and well made. You get three clips of different prints, though they coordinate they aren't all the same, which is nice. I got the "mysterious space" set. I absolutely love this set. They're so cute!

They're easy to use and fit a variety of pacis. I used them with the four different styles I had on hand and they all worked well.

You also get a pacifier holder, which can hold two pacis, with or without the clips attached. It's a sturdy plastic with a secure closure. The handle is large enough to loop onto a diaper bag or purse strap. The handle also opens up to be clipped onto the bags.

Overall, I adore this set! It's so cute, and useful for those of us with babies who love their pacis! I love everything about this, even the packaging shows a great attention to detail. I absolutely recommend this set. It would make a great shower gift too.

You can purchase a set on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/29N3ch7
But first, make sure to drop by BoeChloe to grab a $5.00 discount code via email: http://boechloe.com/discount/