Review~ Drool Pads and Bib Set for Baby Carriers

I was sent a set of bib and drool pads for baby carriers, though given to me in exchange for my opinion, which is completely mine.

I loved the pattern on these when I opened them, they're so simple and classy. I just love them! I was a little worried because they were designed for an Ergo 360, which I don't have.

I was pleased to discover though that they fit most of my carriers! For my Ergo (the original style) I used the hood straps to attach the bib to the hood straps, and the drool pads fit well. For my mei tai and onbu (and if the top of my pod were more narrow) I just slipped the straps through the holes and it worked like a charm!

These are great for protecting carriers from teething tots. I love everything about these. They're so functional and adorable to boot!

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