Review~Fresh Market Produce Bags

I was sent a set of Fresh Market Produce Bags in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.

The listing is for a set of six reusable produce bags, but you get a seventh free. These are mesh, drawstring bags intended for using as an alternate to the plastic bags you normally use in the store. This is a great concept for those of us wanting to cut down on waste and be more environmentally minded.

They're made of a high quality mesh that can be washed and used over and over again. They have a drawstring closure, which lacks any sort of actual closure, which I feel is a huge design flaw. I don't like that there is no real way to keep it closed without tying it. Another issue with the strings is that they're not heat sealed at all, so they come unraveled. Another feature they have, which I like, is these cute little tags on the sides.

In addition to a better closure, they do need to work on quality control. A few of the bags we received had some manufacturing issues. Not a huge deal really, but it does show a bit of inconsistency, I would hate to buy these and end up with an entire set with issues. I had one bag that wasn't tied, one where the stitching was unraveling, and one where the tag was stitched inside the bag instead of out! None of these are really huge issues alone, but definitely concerning when so many of them have issues.

Overall, I do like these and will continue to use them regularly. Because of the issues mentioned, I have to go with only four stars here, especially since the fixes are so inexpensive. I would still recommend them and purchase them again.