Dangerous Illusions

Title: Dangerous Illusions
Author: Barb Goss
Genre: Christian Romance
Length: 190 Pages
Purchase: Amazon

 When Kate arrives in Hays, Kansas to teach in a one room schoolhouse, she learns she will be "boarding around". She is alarmed to learn she'd be boarding at the home of Josh Redfield. Could she board in the home of a man thought to have killed his wife?
I enjoyed the story line here, but the formatting of the book made it very difficult to read. There's a double space between EVERY. SINGLE. PARAGRAPH. It drove me insane. It breaks up the flow while you're reading, and is jarring every time. From Beginning to end. I hoped I would get used to it, but I never did. I think it's fine to have it when you're doing a time jump, but here it was consistent throughout, whether in the middle of a conversation or before a time jump. It made it very difficult to read. Thankfully, the story itself pushed though that. Two other quick comments on editing/formatting and I'll move along!
It definitely needs another comb through for editing mistakes. Particularly where quotations are concerned, sometimes they were in the wrong places, opened, but not closed, closed, but never opened, and even just skipped altogether. If it were a few times I wouldn't have made an issue of it, but it was fairly consistent and distracting. The other comment there is the way Kate's thoughts are written. It randomly switches to the first person, no quotes or italics at all. Again, consistent and incredibly distracting. I had to stop so many times and figure out exactly what was going on.
Moving on. For the most part, I really enjoyed the story and felt that it flowed rather nicely. I guessed wrong a couple of times, which is always nice. One huge, glaring issue with the story is Anna. She's supposedly five but is incredibly well spoken, can knit, crochet, and embroider well enough to teach an adult? Give me a break. That made me laugh so hard. No five year old, then, or now is that capable. Making her ten would have made it believable, but five is just ridiculous.
I loved watching Kate grow and mature as the story went about. I thought the character development for the most part was well done and the story was easy to get into and enjoy. Even despite all the issues I've pointed out, the story itself was compelling enough to keep me turning the pages and missing it when I was away from my Kindle

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